Morgen - Of Dreams - She's The Night Time MP3/Flac


Another small gift to myself for the Holidays and another psych kvlt classic...

ABC Record's valiant attempt at the 'hip/youth' market, Probe, released many memorable LP's by such groups as Saint Steven and The Litter along with debut offerings by Zephyr, Soft Machine and Rare Bird, but none generate the frenzy at this late date quite like the quartet led by guitarist/vocalist Steve Morgen, first unleashed in 1969. This is the rare 7" mono versions of 'She's The Nitetime' and 'Of Dreams'. Radio stations didn't bite on the single, Probe closed up shop, and the world became a decidedly sadder place."

Singer/guitarist Steve Morgen and company (bassist Rennie Genossa, drummer Bob Maiman and rhythm guitarist Barry Stock) originally hailed from (of all places) Long Island, New York. Signed by ABC's short-lived Probe subsidiary, their 1969 debut Morgen teamed them with producer Murray Shiffrin (Steve Morgen is given the co-production credit). After this superb debut, the entire band quite simply disappeared. If you're into heavy psych guitar, then this is for you. You're looking at a pseudo-classic slice of psychedelia that largely explains the huge asking price of an original copy.

Morgen - She's The Night Time