Teddy Cris and the Cristones - I'm A Hero In My Home Town MP3/Flac

I found this record in a pile of junk many years ago right here in Jersey and seeing as it is from Hazlet (New Start Records Hazlet N.J.)this makes sense. But i know nothing about this little gem here even though it and myself are from the same area. I would imagine this was self released w/ Mr. Cris leading the way right out of Hazlet. I would also imagine this is a pretty rare little fucker. i googled this in multiple ways and found NOTHING! Either way this is a real great rockabilly type number about being a big fish in small pond only to make a move and then being the little fish in a big pond. There is some really great guitar work on this cut and i dig the sort of laid back vocal delivery. This has a real late 50's (58) rockabilly vibe but for some reason, being as its coming out of Jersey i would suspect this may very well be early 60's...?

This is the reason i collect records and why i do what i do and get my ass up at 6AM on my weekends and go dig for vinyl, almost always coming away with nothing spacial but once in a while digging up a real winner.

I don't ask for much while i do this shitty little blog but if you do in fact know anything about this record or Mr. Cris please let me know. Until then, enjoy!

Teddy Cris and the Cristones - I'm A Hero In My Home Town