The Pinch - Look Again - Fun City - Meeting You - Up In Stitches - MP3/Flac

Ok peeps something a little different today and something I'm not actually all that into but there is a small story behind these songs so hang in there with me for a moment. What i have here is some local new wave stuff from my old home town of Tom's River. Well i actually never lived in Tom's River but pretty much all the surrounding towns. Any way, i was going threw some records this morning and stumbled upon this record by the pinch. And while 80's new wave stuff isn't really my bag this brought back a bunch of memories because the bass player in the pinch used to own a tiny little record store on RT. 37 in Tom's River called "Gary's Record Dump" at least that is what i remember. It was a short distance from where i lived at the time. And while it was much more of a new wave punk sort of shop and i was pretty much a rocker i used to buy a lot of used records there and a few new ones. I bought my 1st copy of the Wendy O - Lemmy 7 inch "Stand by Your Man" and all my early Thin Lizzy records and the first 2 Alice Cooper albums on Straight records. From what i remember the guy Gary was super cool and friendly and he even ordered a few record for me at the time through his record catalog. I guess you do that nowadays through the interwebs.... So even though i didn't really like his band I was young and thought it was so cool that this guys was in a band and even owned a record store, so This goes out to Gary Shaffer and the Pinch, where ever they are now. Another in a long line of people who unknowingly helped shape my young musical mind. So here it is the Pinch and their self released EP from 1982 on Swami Records. (I put the 2nd side up 1st because i think it's better than the 1st side)

The Pinch - Fun City

The Pinch - Up In Stitches