Tatsuro-Songs from L.A. - Various Artists MP3/Flac

alt This one was requested on the "Late for the Sky" blog. So here it is. The Japanese people really love our American singers like Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Tom Keane, etc. so there are a lot of these Japanese compilation CDs out there. And lets face it, if it weren't for the Japanese record labels a lot of these great artists would have no outlet to release new albums and re-issue older albums never released on CD here in the U.S. ( like Bill Champlin's Runaway CD). I have a lot of these compilation CDs. Most of these are L.A. artists singing English versions of Japanese hits. Most of them are recorded in L.A. and feature top notch musicians such as Michael Thompson, John Robinson, Nathan East, Mike Landau and more. Here is the download link: