Circus 2000 – An Escape From A Box – 1972 (IT) progressive rock MP3/Flac

The Italian progressive rockers CIRCUS 2000 offered up an attention-grabbing profusion of moody progressive rock enchantment. This gatefold LP reproduction strikingly remasters the original recording for more sonic value and lucidity than ever before.
"An Escape From A Box" was originally released in 1972 on the RiFi label and was subsequently re-released in the vinyl and CD formats by Akarma Records in 1999.
The progressive rock elements are strong although the influences of jazz fusion exist with reference to the guitar work of Marcello Quartarone. Lead singer Silvana Aliotta sounded like Lulu with a European accent. By adding her fluttering butterfly voice to the mix with strong classical and operatic overtones, their sound took on a distinct exclusivity. Her voice was flexible and she could have easily been on the cutting edge of the opera circuit rather than on the cusp of groundbreaking progressive rock. She had a lot of range, which gave her fellow musicians tremendous freedom to experiment and play extended compositions.
Side 2 clearly demonstrated the band’s ability to create full-length pieces that convincingly stretched their musical wingspan in an impressive fashion.

- Silvana Aliotta / lead vocal, percussionВ 
- Marcello Quartarone / electric & acoustic guitar, vocalВ 
- Gianni Bianco / bass, vocalВ 
- Franco Lo Previte / drums

alt1 Hey Man 6:15
2 You Aren't Listening 4:58
3 Our Father 6:12
4 Need 8:36
5 When the Sun Refuses to Shine 7:42

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