Delirium –Viaggio negli arcipelaghi delTempo – 1974 (IT) progressive rock MP3/Flac

Third and final album by this Italian prog band. This album has been a little more difficult to review than some other prog albums, but here goes. At times they remind me a little of JETHRO TULL, especially the flute. Aside from the flute, musically they don't remind me of TULL. Sometimes they explore a more folk-y style, like the opening cut, but then they start going in to lengthy prog passages, dominated by Hammond organ and piano (with some electric piano). Vocals are in Italian, and they tend to be harsh (reminding me of LOCANDA DELLE FATE's Leonardo Sasso with a hoarse voice) and needs getting a little used to. Strings are used from time to time as well. But the one thing bothering me is the keyboardist is credited to using Mellotron but I sure don't notice any. Still, this album is worth having if you're in to the Italian prog scene.

- Pino Di Santo / drums, percussion, vocalsВ 
- Martin Frederick Grice / flute, saxs, vocals, keyboardsВ 
- Marcello Reale / guitar, bass, vocalsВ 
- Ettore Vigo / piano, moog, organ, vibraphon, Mellotron, vocalsВ 
- Mimmo Di Martino / guitar, vocals

alt1. Il Dono (4:17)В 
2. Viaggio Negli Arcipelaghi Del Tempo (4:45)В 
3. Fuga N.1 (7:40)В 
4. Dio Del Silenzio (2:55)В 
5. La Battaglia Degli Eterni Piani (6:42)В 
6. Un Uomo (2:06)В 
7. Viaggio N.2 (4:33)В 
8. Ancora Un'alba (2:33)

Rip from CD 256@ (artwork included)
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