Delirium – Dolce Acqua – 1971 (IT) progressive rock MP3/Flac

DELIRIUM's "Dolce Acqua" is a wild concaution of Jazz, Prog, World and Psychedelic influences yet always retains that Characteristically 70's Italian influence. Musically this album explores a wide range of impressions with some great flute, piano and percussive passages... lots of gentle syncopation. Vocals are deep and full of emotion. Songs are quite rhythmic and heavily centered on a the melodic aspect... even some orchestration. This album unveils many highs for this music lover with its wide spectrum of bright and bouncy colors and sounds. Although 70's sounding throughout, "Dolce Acqua" leans much more on the Jazz-prog arena than many of the heavy Ital-Prog albums of its era and most certainly that of their second album. One of the most remarkable aspects of this album for me lies in its sound reproduction which comes to life in the CD re-mastered version. Sonically this album offers great wide speaker separation and clear definition making the performers sound as if they are in your living room. Might be one of the best recorded albums of 1971... Captivating and then some!!- Ivano Fossati / lead vocals, acoustic & electric flute, acoustic guitar, recorder, harmonicaВ - Marcello Reale / bass, vocalsВ 
- Peppino Di Santo / drums, percussion, timpani, vocalsВ 
- Ettore Vigo / piano, organ, electric piano, celesta, vibraphone, cembalo, prepared piano, harmoniumВ 
- Mimmo Di Martino / acoustic guitar, vocals

alt1. Preludio (Paura) (3:39)2. Movimneto I (Egoismo) (4:31)3. Movimento II (Dubbio) (3:26)
4. To Satchmo, Bird and Other Unforgettable Friends (Dolore) (5:38)
5. Sequenza I e II (Ipocrisia - VeritГ  ) (3:36)
6. Johnnie Sayre (Il perdono) (4:48)
7. Favola o storia del Lago di Kriss (LibertГ ) (4:22)
8. Dolce acqua (Speranza) (5:49)
9. Jesahel (4:05)

Rip from CD 256@ (artwork included)
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