Quella Vecchia Locanda – Il Tempo Della Gioia – 1974 (IT) progressive rock MP3/Flac

"Tempo Della Gioia" is a prog album with stronger classical influences than what is usually expected. In fact, instruments like violin, flute, classical guitar, piano, and harpsichord dominate over electric guitar, bass, and drums(which do appear sometimes). QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA were also influenced by early jazz, and tend to mix it with classical on some of the later pieces (very unique I must say). The vocals are excellent, and typical of most 70's Italian prog bands. They are never harsh or overbearing, but rather soft, warm, and melodic. Anyway, this album is a classic!

- Claudio Gilice / violinВ 
- Giorgio Giorgi / vocals, flute, piccoloВ 
- Massima Giorgi / bass, contrabass, vocalsВ 
- Massimo Roselli / vocals, keyboardsВ 
- Patrick Fraina / vocals, drumsВ 
- Raimondo Cocco / vocals, clarinet, guitar

alt1. Villa Doria Pamphili (5:27)В 
2. A Forma Di (4:07)В 
3. Il Tempo Della Gioia (6:15)В 
4. Un Giorno, un Amico (9:39)В 
5. Г? Accaduto una Notte (8:16)

Rip from CD 256@ (artwork included)
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