Quella Vecchia Locanda – Quella Vecchia Locanda– 1972 (IT) progressive rock MP3/Flac

The first release from QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA and in my opinion one of the all time Italian prog greats. This excellent debut album has a strong PFM-like attitude with loads of violin and classical themes. Songs are delicate and exceptionally well performed with warm precision. Imagine great 70's sounding keyboard work layered with flute, violin and great guitar work and you have got QVL. As you listen to this album four toes will be tapping and you hands will be moving as this music captivates your motor reflexes. QVL draw on some pretty heavy classical interludes to build their music on. Along the way we are treated to many thematic mood swings and tempo changes. This album has many standout tracks which combine the classical underground 70's Italian sound with a solid blend of tranquility and beauty. Vocals are very expressive and are full of harmonic textures.

- Massimo Roselli / piano, organ, Mellotron, Moog, electric sitar, cembalo, vocalsВ 
- Giorgio Giorgi / lead vocals, flute, piccoloВ 
- Patrik Traina / drumsВ 
- Romualdo Coletta / bass, frequency generatorВ 
- Raimondo Maria Cocco / electric & acoustic & 12 string guitars, vocalsВ 
- Donald Lax / electric & acoustic violin

alt1. Prologo (4:59)В 
2. Un Villaggio,Un'illsione (3:54)В 
3. Realta (4:13)В 
4. Immagini Sfuocate (2:59)В 
5. Il Cieco (4:11)В 
6. Dialogo (3:41)В 
7. Verso La Locanda (5:15)В 
8. Sogno, Risveglio E... (5:15)

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