Cervello – Melos – 1973 (IT) progressive rock MP3/Flac

Nothing short of an incredible, but little known gem of Italian prog. If you like the sound of OSANNA's "Palepoli", then you need this album. In fact, CERVELLO featured guitarist Corrado Rustici, still in his teens at that time, who was the brother of OSANNA guitarist Danilo Rustici, so the OSANNA comparisons can't be avoided. And like OSANNA, CERVELLO consisted of saxes, flutes, bass, drums, and of course, vocals. The saxes and flutes are tamer (none of the flutes here are TULL-like, unlike OSANNA). Corrado Rustici's guitar work is in the vein of MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA's John McLaughlin (which should come as no surprise as McLaughlin was one of Corrado's guitar heroes).В 
The original LP comes with a gimmick cover on the Ricordi label, in which Si-Wan Records in Korea nicely replecated to CD size when they reissued it on CD (I believe the current CD reissue on BMG/Ricordi is packaged the same way as Si-Wan).В 
Regardless, this is an absolute must for those who enjoy Italian prog.

- Antonio Spagnolo / 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar, bass, pedal, recorder, vocalsВ 
- Giulio D'Ambrosio / electric sax (contralto & tenor), flute, vocalsВ 
- Corrado Rustici / guitar, recorder, flute, vibraphone, vocalsВ 
- Gianluigi Di Franco / lead vocals, flute, small percussionВ 
- Remigio Esposito / drums, vibraphone

alt1. Canto Del Capro (6:30)В 
2. Trittico (7:14)В 
3. Euterpe (4:27)В 
4. Scinsicne (T.R.M) (5:39)В 
5. Melos (4:55)В 
6. Galassia (5:45)В 
7. Affresco (1:11

Rip from CD 256@ (artwork included)
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