LOU BOND *** 1974 *** Lou Bond MP3/Flac

altA soaringly soulful set from Lou Bond -- a record that swells from an easygoing intimacy and a real warmth to grander scale string-laden grooves! At its core, the album is a bit akin to the folk soul of Terry Callier, and with the emotional resonance and social commentary of artists from Curtis Mayfield to Marvin Gaye. But since he's working here with the Stax crew, on their We Produce imprint, there's a bit more of a country feel to his work -- plus he's got those Memphis Horns, with the gorgeous strings coming courtesy of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Bond is not an easy artist pin down, and he reaches far on this set, and his vocals roll for soulful storyteller to wordless emoting with equal greatness! Tracks include "Lucky Me", "To The Establishment", "Why Must Our Eyes Always Be Turned Backward", "Come On Snob" and "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be".