Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras - Catholic [MACROM14] MP3/Flac

Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras - Catholic [MACROM14]

Artist: Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras
Title: Catholic
Label: Macro
Cat#: [MACROM14]
Date: Nov 2009
Source: CDDA Rip
Format: Unmixed
Quality: 320 Kbps

Tracklist / Comments
Notes from Label (Macro):

"Lost for 30 years - The revolutionary album by one of dance music’s most influential producers finally sees the day of light! Containing an incredible array of synth-driven innovation, electonic music’s history books will be rewritten. “Catholic’s” range from minimalistic proto-techno to synth-driven post-punk still sounds as fresh as it is unique. Patrick Cowley (1950-1982) remains one of Disco’s most influential artists and a key producer of the genre. With seminal hits like “Do You Wanna Funk", “Menergy” and “Megatron Man", hiswork for Disco superstar Sylvester and of course his million-selling remix of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love", he created the soundtrack for a whole generation.

Artists like Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys and New Order cite him as a major influence. With a whole new global Disco afficionado scene, now playing his records every weekend accross the world’s clubs, this release is about to hit the streets right on time. It’s nothing less then a “once in a lifetime” sensation that Macro announces the release of a full unreleased Cowley album, written and performed in collaboration with Indoor Life vocalist Jorge Socarras. No re-issue, no material scrapped by the artists - but a work Cowley took 5 years to perfect!

The original release got delayed for 3 decades due to Cowley’s tragic death due to AIDS in 1982. Recorded between 1976 and 1979, “Catholic” is a genre-bending concept album with a range from minimalistic proto-techno to synth-driven post-punk - pre-dating LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture by almost 30 years. It was in fact so way ahead of anything known at the time that it wouldn’t sound retro if it was recorded just now. It shows a much broader range than any Cowley or Socarras material available and gives a totally new perspective to one of the most inspiring eras in music history"

1. Memory Fails Me
Vocals - Patrick Cowley
Written-By - Patrick Cowley
2. Robot Children (Do You Love Your)
3. I Never Want To Fall In Love
4. I'll Come See You
5. I Remember
Written-By - Leiber & Stoller
6. Cars Collide
7. Eddie Go To My Head
Written-By - Patrick Cowley
8. Room
9. Soon
10. You Laugh At My Face
11. I Am Your Tricks
12. In And Out
13. Burn Brighter Flame
14. Hurdy Gurdy Man
Written-By - Donovan Leitch

Recorded by Cowley in his home studio, 1975-1979.

Executive producers of 2009 release:
Jorge Socarras and Stefan Goldmann. Restoration
and mastering by Rashad Becker at D+M.
Pre-restoration by Stefan Goldmann at Resonance.
Artwork by Viet Hoa Le.
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