Puseletso Seema & Tau ea Linare - He O Oe Oe !Globe Style 1985 MP3/Flac


2010, the year of another World Championship of football, or

soccer if you prefer. This time the greatest tournament will take

place in South Africa. The whole continent and in particular South

Africa of course, shall benefit of all the extra attention an event

like this harvests. A good opportunity also to promote African

music worldwide, all eyes and ears shall be wide opened. Today's

post concerns a group from Lesotho, a country completely surrounded

by South Africa that gained independence in 1966. In Globe Style's series

'Accordeons that shook the world', this LP by Puseletso Seema & Tau ea

Linare. The singer Puseletso Seema and the group Tau ea Linare normally

work separate but made this LP for the occasion, a collaboration worthwhile

I'd say. Originally released in 1981, this is the 1985 re-release on Globe Style.

Sweet 'South' African music, enjoy He O Oe Oe ! ( say; hay o way way ! )


1 He o oe oe !

2 Leshano

3 Vatse halenone

4 Ha motsoane

5 Mathabo

6 Tsetala Linare

7 Thaba tsepe

8 Katla ka sotleha

9 Bajoetse saki

10 Kesetse mahlomolenu

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