Long Shadow MP3/Flac


Ned 's first writing effort was Dark Moon which was a hit for Bonnie Guitar and others in the mid fifties. Ned's signature tune was originally released on Dot in 57 and sold about twelve copies. Fabor Robinson re-released it in 63 and it was a top 10 in both Country and Pop. With a big hit they hastily rushed Ned into the studio and this album was released. The Cowboy tunes are clearly out of place on the record but, there are some good songs as well. One Among The Many was a top twenty for Ned and Just Before Dawn scored for Hugh X Lewis. Ned later moved to Capitol and scored with Do what You Do Well and Invisible Tears but Ned Suffered from stage fright and did not like to perform publicly. At times Ned would hire a friend to go out and perform under his name, which was much to the chagrin of Ken Nelson the C&W Honcho at Capitol. Ned was dropped by the label and cut one more Lp for Republic in 71. Ned''s songwriting efforts kept him going through the early seventies when he left the biz altogether.

From A Jack To A King
Long Shadow
Cry Of The Wild Goose
Man Behind The Gun
Billy Carino
Mona Lisa
One Among The Many
Just Before Dawn
Sunday Morning Tears
You Belong To My Heart
Lights In The Street