Thank You Mr. K! MP3/Flac


Mr. K is a follower of the blog and 45 of the day subscriber. He has been sharing some of his treasure with me for a few months and I have been hoarding them away until the burden of guilt has overwhelmed me and it is time to share. This is a sampling of rare and obscure forty-fives from his collection. I will honor his request of anonymity but please stop by the comment box and show your appreciation!

Al Ferrier - Seventy-Six Dollars A Week - Goldband G-1240-1
Bill Goodwin - Arkansas Soul - MTA 182A
Bobby Buttram - Fools Come In Three Different Sizes - Wayside WS-1008-A
Bobby Carl - Drinkin' Man - Alvera 45-1
Bud & Joyce Murry - I'm Stuck In Jackson - Blake 2-210 A
Cowtown 253 A - John Stephenson - Baby Stay Away From My Door
Eddie Noack - Prisoner Of War - Rem 45-407 B
Freddie Hart - Valentino - Monument 45-838
George Dry & The Daydreamers - One-Lung Charlie - Tornado T-125
Hoyt Benge - A Cigarette A Memory And A Beer - Luck L-011-B
J B Perry - Suds Sobs And Sorrows - Lanor 538
Jim Eanes - She Took The Bus - Tower 129
Jimmy Cavalier - Hanged Until Dead - Houma 1063-B
Johnny Free - Russian Roulette - Voice Of Country VOC 246
Kirk Hansard - Bad Dad From Bagdad - Columbia 4-44122
Ray Brand - Devil's House - C L W 7019-A
Red Wilson - Everybody Sings Truck Drivin' Songs But Me - Ohio 820 O 5556
Tom Crum - From A Home To A Fighting Place - Voice Of Country VOC #123
Tommy Graham - Ode To Spade - Prolif GT-1100
Jack Lebsock - Miss Louisiana - SRC IRDA 090 A

Courtesy Of Mr. K!