Under Attack Again MP3/Flac


Ok, multiple posts were hit today and it appears that once again I am having to fight off some discontented folks who do not like what is posted or do not like the fact that the blog does not do requests. As stated this blog is not a free music service nor is going to be. If the blog is pulled down I will not take a new blog private so there will be no need to email. 4.5 years is a good run for any blog especially of this type so If it is pulled down it will be closed for good. Another reason for not going private is Blogger only allows 100 invitations and the 45 email list tops 700 by itself. None the less, most of the posts here will be gone by tomorrow and we will see what the future brings. To those who wish this blog to end I hope it brings you all the enjoyment you desire, but when Karma raps you across the head remember it is not punishment but your reward.