Cosmic Love has nothing to do with the club MP3/Flac


"Sound Painted Pictures Of Cosmic Love" doesn't that sound nice?

In fact it is.... so nice that's in my Top 10 of All Times. Ever......

Here's a bit of info from the back cover so we might get a glimpse what cosmic love is about ; ) "I really wish to be in harmony, to feel and learn the power which makes the flowers grow, the power which makes the seed sprout and break through the earth. The cosmic power from the universe called love and brotherhood, which radiates from the universe and exists everywhere, but only is realized by few. If you reach that, will you have no need for concern or doubt, because then you understand that nothing is impossible for you."

Gert Thrue plays Hammond, Moog, Fender Piano, Roland Synthesizer and Logan Stringers (??). On the title track that covers all of side A Jan Preus plays the drums. He changes sticks with Per Hoyer for Side B. The record was produced in the Netherlands. Though Gert Thrue is from Denmark. The lovely message on the back cover is in Dansk and English. Hmm... Anyway, as 95% percent of you are probably not here to read nice little stories ..... Feel some cosmic love and of course thanks to Uli for selling me this beautiful piece of music!

Cheers, Basso

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