Various - A Bead To A Small Mouth MP3/Flac

Nice electronic/experimental album with well-known artists. The written work of the Australian art-maker Anthony Mannix (1953-) is predominantly contained in the singular artists’ books he has created over the last 25 years. Mannix has developed over 70 such works and they contain writings in numerous forms, including diary, prose-poetry, short story, social commentary, philosophical observation and pictorial contextualisation. Diagnosed with schizophrenia in the 1980’s, Mannix’s work is primarily an exploration of his experience of psychosis, through which he feels he gains access to the unconscious, erotic landscapes into which he then travels. Thus Mannix writes: “my desire has always been paramount and fanatical to reach the вЂ?core’ of the unconscious via psychosis and chaosвЂ�. At times Mannix conceives of such a psychotic вЂ?core’ as a machine – the вЂ?engine room’. Indeed, machines feature prominently throughout the Mannix oeuvre. This article will investigate the manner in which the notion of the вЂ?machine’ features in the creative and psychotic cosmology of Anthony Mannix. The Machines, or a Concise History of the Machine (as far as i know them) is perhaps the first exploration of the machine by Mannix. This series of works will be discussed with reference to the other machines that have come, over time, to inhabit his reality. These two pieces with Graeme Revell (Of S.P.K.) where made specially for this compilation. Mother Tongue: is Andrew McKenzie (Hafler Trio),Stefan Weisser aka Z'EV and Dorothea Franck.  A Bead To A Small Mouth was released on vinyl and cd by Barooni (BAR 001 and BAR 001 CD) in 1989. This is the vinyl version.


  1. Nurse With Wound - A New Dress
  2. Graeme Revell & Anthony Mannix - A Concise History Of The Machine
  3. Graeme Revell & Anthony Mannix - The Skull (Excerpt)
  4. Mother Tongue - Chapter And Verse
  5. (i) Words
  6. (ii) Shut Their Mouths
  7. (iii) Inside And Outside
  8. :zoviet-france: - White Dusk

(Track 4 is divided in to three parts, 6 & 7 are recorded together)

A Bead To A Small Mouth