Jeff Greinke - Places Of Motility MP3/Flac

Jeff Greinke is a musician, composer, performer, sound sculptor, and visual artist who is known worldwide for his unique sound. Through a highly developed process of layering, Jeff composes and performs music rich in texture, depth, mood, and subtle detail. Using various acoustic and electronic instruments, found sounds, and extended studio techniques, Jeff sculpts sound worlds that conjure a strong sense of place, hovering somewhere between the exotic and the familiar. Places of Motility represents some of Greinke’s most daring and original work. The vast diversity of this album can be gleaned from just the first few tracks. “Uprising� starts off the album with pounding tribal rhythms, followed by “Suspended in Darkness,� with its cacophony of synthesizers and what sound like bowed strings. “Centuries Past� begins with the spacious sound of plastic tubing played as a woodwind, mechanical rhythms later making their way into the mix. “Billowing Smoke� is darkly atmospheric, while “Fallacy� ventures into more experimental territory, with spoken-word cut-ups and abstract sounds. Places Of Motility was released on vinyl by Dossier Records (ST 7530) in 1987. In 1998 re-mastered on cd with three extra tracks by Hypnos (hyp1809). this is the vinyl version.


  1. Uprising
  2. Suspended In Darkness
  3. Polarities
  4. Dropped
  5. The Fallacy Of Peace In Our Time
  6. Spoken With Authority
  7. A Dark Place
  8. Centuries Passed
  9. Oceanic Lift
  10. Unfamiliar Voices
  11. Billowing Smoke
  12. Swayed

Places Of Motility