Amok - Warm Leeches Dance MP3/Flac

Amok was the alias of Enrico Piva, from Italy. The only next info I can give you is about the cassette: recorded live the 2nd of January 1985 in a deserted house in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Italy). The Music was inspired by Freud's Jenseits des Lustprinzip (Death Pulsion). Recordings utilized were done mostly at the Kemijarvi Lake (Finland) inside a barge (28 steel spheres of 11 pounds each, 220 yards of a chain recovered from the lake, etc.). Devices: 9 tapes recorders, a Circular Main(a particular stuff that repeats, accelerates and concentrates the sound), 4 Microphones placed outside the house, etc. Warm Leeches Dance was released as a cassette by ADN (ADN TAPES 17) in 1985.


  1. Side A
  2. Side B

Warm Leeches Dance