The Dead Goldfish Ensemble - After The Goldfish MP3/Flac

The Dead Goldfish Ensemble is perhaps the most famous incarnation of that prolific machine-man, Steve Hartwell, a veritable master of monickered anonymity. The Ensemble's style of pulsing, uplifting electronics isn't far removed from the rich minimalism of Glass and Reich, especially on the soulful 'Dazzle' or the side-long 'IC(1)' where the music is given the space to develop gradually in true minimalist fashion. Strings of arpeggiated notes flutter from the speaker, cluster together in waves and break away into sublime revolving sequences of melody. However, the music here is not quite as stilted and formulaic as recent outpourings from the maternal grandparents of minimalism. After The Goldfish was released as a cassette by Tonspur Tapes (TT 53) in 1992.


  1. Dazzle
  2. Ewuska
  3. Walking Walls
  4. Painful Ears
  5. Talking Ash
  6. Turn On The Night
  7. IC (1)

( IC (1) is an extended remix of a track that first appeared on 'Eye to Eye' from VGO Tapes. )

After The Goldfish