Cranioclast - Kolik-San-Art MP3/Flac

Here's another excellent rhythmic experimental ambient release from Cranioclast, who seem to be a duo, Sankt Klario and Soltan Karik, who where aided by illustrious people like : Chi Moja (Core), The Satanic Organist Hans Magnus, Kerstin & Fabian (who also appear on the first Cranioclast release), Ace Bee Coolberg, Ave Maria Avida. Kolik-San-Art was released on vinyl by Principe Logique (LOQ 6) in 1986, includes a 10-page collage booklet with lyrics, texts and info.


  1. The Birds Brought Water In Their Beaks Into The Temples
  2. Against Nature
  3. Did A Carpenter Make Her? No, No A Photographer In Sheffield
  4. Catch A Fading Polaroid And Put It In Your Pocket
  5. Chambre Des Cauchemars Monsieur Zann's Final Chamber Transformation * He Left Behind Black Blood On My Ear
  6. Les Voix Emurants Parlent Dans Les DГ©bris De Tiffauges
  7. Ray Treatment
  8. De/Camuflage
  9. The Madonna Lost Her Face In The Acid Bath Les Chants De "Trois FrГЁres"
  10. Strategies Of Truth

(Recorded as Side A & B)

Kolik-San-Art + booklet