Experiments With Ice - Experiments With Ice MP3/Flac

Excellent post-punk album with a touch of minimal synth. Not much to be found about Experiments With Ice on the web, they where from the UK and  I can give you one detail, the band featured one member called Nicky Patriachaeos alias Nicky Rogers. Nicky Rogers founded the Anthony & Paul record label (a sub division of United Dairies) which had one release the Two Daughters album, and had only one member Nicky Rogers. Nicky Rogers also appears on the early albums of Nurse With Wound and Current 93. Experiments With Ice was released on vinyl by Experimental Records (another sub division of United Dairies) (EX 001) in 1981.


  1. Tokio
  2. Lambs And Bats
  3. Walk On Furniture
  4. The Definition (Of Culture)
  5. Toy Joy
  6. Red Bible
  7. Hollywood
  8. Circus Circus
  9. O-Kee-Pa Pain

Experiments With Ice