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With a tremendous thanks to Axel from Vox Populi!, I can present to you "Open Skies". As Axel can explain it far much better than me here's the fact about "Open Skies":

'Recently, I had some spare time and I decided to clean up the mess in my cellar. To my great surprise, I stumbled on a bag containing a few long forgotten VP! cassettes from the year 1986. All recorded in our home studio, very often in live conditions. When not recording on a reel to reel tape machine, we had always a cassette recorder running on. Most of the songs of 'Open Skies' are taken from this discovery, using just a mastering device and making a few edits. I added 3 other unreleased tracks to make up an album length of music. They are Miveye Bahar, Razaye Axel and Kikoala, all from 1990.

'Open Skies' is a reference to a dream that made a very lasting impression to me, as it felt incredibly real and so pleasant. The whole scene is quite simple : I'm floating in the air with some fluffy clouds bellow me, but,  above, there is a kind of huge beatific ocean. I easily move on through the air to the water and get drawned in its etereal kind of humidity and then get back. I just play with the situation and the elements. Wherever I take my attention to, the skies are open and accessible.

here's the line up :

Axel Kyrou: Synth, Organ, Rythms, Loops, Mixing and Production
Arach Khalatbari: Percussions, Vocals, Jaw's harp, Shruti-Box
FR6 Man: Bass, Guitar, Vocals on 1
Mitra Khalatbari-Kyrou: Vocals, Small Instruments


Mehdi Haddab : Shamizen on 6, Oud on 14
Cram : Guitar on 4, Bass on 8
Kiyoshi Maejima : Guitar on 6 and 14
Chester Harlan  : Guitar on 8
Pacific 231 : Electronics on 10
Bobak : Ney on 13

Most of our musics are freely available, so if you enjoy our trip...'

3/4 of the band (from left to right FR6, Axel and Mitra) taken in the spring of 1987.

With thanks to Laurent of  the Art Of Losing for the links.

Teen Recordings [cassette] 1979-1981
Introduction ГЂ La ThГ©orie De La SubjectivitГ© Relative 1982
Ectoplasmies [7"] 1983
Imaginaires [Cassette] 1984
La CathГ©drale Morte [Cassette] 1985
Myscitismes [LP] 1984
Ebats Spirituels [Cassette] Cthulhu, 1986
Half Dead Ganja Music [Cassette] Cthulhu, 1987
Untitled [Cassette] - "Creations Alternatives" 1988
Aither [LP] 1989
Face To Face Vol. 2 [LP] 1989


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Open Skies