Red Wedding - Up And Down The Aisle MP3/Flac

Michael Ely's concept for Red Wedding was to blend '60s psychedelia with '70s glam rock, creating a sound that was anything but retro. He wanted to create a band of illusion in which nothing was what it appeared to be. The songs would all be love songs, but with a lyrical twist: lush and romantic on the surface, cynical and decadent underneath. This new "post punk" music would explode upon the scene and, under the banner "alternative rock." In June of 1982, Red Wedding recorded their first EP entitled "Up and Down the Aisle."  It was a disaster from start to finish, despite the talents of producer Thom Wilson (who has since achieved great success in the music business). Recorded on a shoe-string budget in the middle of the night (literally) in a studio out in the San Fernando Valley, the band was ill prepared to transfer their live sound onto vinyl, and there were technical problems with the band's equipment, leaving less than three hours to record and mix the five songs. Michael's vocals were recorded in less than 20 minutes, and his idea to leave his vocals completely raw and without effects did not work on vinyl. However, had it not been for Thom's quick thinking ideas and studio savvy, things could have been much worse, and the experience of working with Thom (although brief) was a joy for the band. In my opinion this turned out as a very nice record. This version from 1982 was released on vinyl as a 12" EP by Bemisbrain Records (BB 137). Re-released in 1984 by  L'Invitation Au Suicide (ID 1).


  1. Drums
  2. Marsha In Pictures
  3. Sleeping On The Airplane
  4. All (Dressed Up)
  5. Think About I

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