Factrix & Cazazza - Prescient Dreams MP3/Flac

It seems that this 7" was a bootleg which was original credited to Tana Emmolo-Smith & Joseph T. Jacobs. According to Discogs: "The original release of this has a 3-colour cover and credits Tana Emmolo-Smith and Joseph T. Jacobs on their respective sides of the cover. A second version was released with a black & white cover that credits Monte Cazazza and Factrix on the front. The vinyl, however, has the original labels that credit Tana Emmolo-Smith and Joseph T. Jacobs. It is unclear if this second version was entirely official. Joseph T. Jacobs was a member of Factrix. Tana Emmolo-Smithis featured on some of Monte Cazazza's releases. This is an excellent minimal ambient release. Prescient Dreams this release and the original where released on vinyl by Subterranean Records (SUB37) in 1983.


  1. Tana Emmolo-Smith - Prescient Dreams
  2. Joseph T. Jacobs - Zanoni, A Rosicrucian Tale - Main Title
  3. Joseph T. Jacobs - Zanoni, A Rosicrucian Tale - Reign Of Terror

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