The Modernaires - Way Of Living MP3/Flac

The most famous member of The Modernaires would be David or Dave Baynton-Power, best known as drummer of the long-existing English rock  band James. Progressive rock was his first real venture into playing drums, but Baynton-Power became a huge fan of punk rock and was part of the new wave movement with his first real band, The Modernaires. They played some decent sized gigs for a new band, but they soon split after moving to Chester  as their vocalist, who was schizophrenic, announced he was leaving. They soon re-formed with a new singer however, they realised that with the arrival of the Welsh TV station S4C, if they changed the lyrics of their songs from English to Welsh they could make some profit. They changed their name to Brodyr Y Ffin (Welsh for 'Brothers On The Border') as their house in Chester was right on the Anglo-Welsh border, and quickly rose to the top of the Welsh scene, staying there for a few years. However, their existence came to an abrupt end with a massive house fire, which resulted in the death of one of their members. From 2002 Baynton-Power toured with the Welsh rock band The Alarm. Excellent post punk / no wave avantgarde. Way Of Living was released on vinyl by Illuminated Records (JAMS 3) in 1980.


  1. The Urge
  2. Wrong Words
  3. Meandering
  4. Traces Of Tension
  5. Something Going On (I Think There's Probably)
  6. New Jazz Arguments
  7. Ways Of Living
  8. Your Face
  9. Life In Our Times
  10. The Fringe

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