Rotton Kidz - Nuclear Fimblewinter MP3/Flac

Couldn't find much information about Rotton Kidz, they where from Canada and play a sort of avantgarde / experimental  rock with here and there a touch of jazz.  Nuclear Fimblewinter was a self released cassette (R.K. 10001) from 1991.


  1. Jihad
  2. Baghdad
  3. The Jelly Girls
  4. Real Princes With Slaves
  5. It'll Be A Cold Day
  6. Nuclear Fimblewinter
  7. Planetary Real Estate Man
  8. Naga Nakasaki Talk Talk Poot
  9. Yggdrasil Sways
  10. Baby Politicians With Cigars
  11. Piano Meltdown
  12. The Bird Witch Of Angkor
  13. Sand Flats Of Talila
  14. Not Baghdad

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Megaupload: Nuclear Fimblewinter