Mickey Hart & the Hartbeats - Featuring Jerry Garcia & Jack Casady - The Matrix San Francisco - December 16th 1968 MP3/Flac

Here is a real seriously amazing gem! It's not as common as the other 'Mickey & The Hartbeats' shows from Oct. '68. This only two very long jams. One is rather quiet, dreamy, sublime and slow. The other is just about one of the most finest true psychedelic jams I ever heard! I remember hearing these for my first time. It just right after obtaining a drop of gift from Ken Kesey. Needless to say, I had to step outside to catch my breath! It was too much for a while. With me, a lover of "trippy" music, that's really saying something! Needless to say, I didn't go back inside for hours. When I finally returned to Earth, I was able to give it another listen. (You have been warned! ;) -Tom Shyman (amellowsoul)
Many thanks to Tom and Enjoy !!!
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