Mayaula Mayoni "Don Padrino - Ousmane Bakayoko" -Mizele, Alia Music MP3/Flac



Mayaula Mayoni is one of the songwriters who worked with

Franco's O.K. Jazz for some time. In fact this LP is made with

the orchestration of l'O.K. Jazz. Check out the musicians on this,

unfortunately, crackely record. To call a few names; Carlito Essou-

DouГ©, Malage de Lugendo, Ntesa Dalienst, Nana, Baniel, Dizzy

Mandjeku, Papa NoГ«l Nedule and Empompo Loway. Not the least

as you can see. Although a bit noisy at some points, an album

that deserves a few spins. Enjoy it.


1 Mizele

2 Poit carrГ©

3 Chaty

4 Liwa