Le Grand MaГ®tre Franco et ses Stars du T.P. O.K. Jazz -In Nairobi, Edipop Production 1986 MP3/Flac


To spoil you a bit more, I'm in a good mood today, this

dynamite Franco album, it's one of his very best. Le Grand MaГ®tre

and his Stars in Nairobi rock like seldom before on this Edipop

Production. For the ultimate spring feeling of this first of april.

Volume up and dance around the place, pay attention to

that bass, let it rule your hips and let go.., enjoy.


1 Franco & Madilu System - Boma ngai, ngai na boma yo

2 Franco & Gerry - Kuna okeyi obongisa

3 Franco & Kiwakana - Eperdement

4 Franco & Djompoy – Masikini