Gremlins - Blast Off (1965-68) MP3/Flac

altAn excellent and underrated band from Auckland/New Zealand. Their first 45 was nothing's special but the follow-up "The Coming Generation/That's What I Want" from 1966 was a strong Beat single. Their outstanding 4-track E.P. from the same year included "The Only Thing On My Mind" (later compiled on the Fading Yellow 1 CD) and I would give my stamp-collection (yes, I have one) for an original copy. The A-sides of their following two singles were promising too but it's "Blast-Off 1970", their first psychedelic release, that stands above all. A superb slice of psychedelic pop with loads of effects - a perfect song. With "Never You Mind" they went back to the Beat pattern before they proved with a couple of releases that they used the right drugs: "Ballad Of A Busker" and especially their last 45 "Kingsforth Hemmingseen/Don't Just Stand There" will please every Rubble devotee.
This CD release (EMI New Zealand 724357118620 / 2004) contains all their releases and is highly recommended. If you already know "The Coming Generation" on Rev-Ola then you don't necessarily need this one because both releases has similar tracks. If not, well, you know what you have to do!

- Don't Ya
- But She's Gone
- The Coming Generation
- That's What I Want
- It's So Easy
- Oh My Word
- A Man's Gotta Be A Man
- The Only Thing On My Mind
- Understand Our Age
- Ain't That Lovin'You Baby
- You Gotta Believe It
- I Can't Say
- Blast-Off 1970
- Sunday Breeze
- Never You Mind
- I Want Your Love
- Ballad Of A Busker
- Listen To Me
- Great Drain Robbery #1
- Great Drain Robbery #2
- Kingsforth Hemmingseen
- Don't Just Stand There

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