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Four Jacks & a Jill - Master Jack: 30 Tracks Anthology (1977)

Four Jacks & a Jill - Master Jack: 30 Tracks Anthology (1977)

Pop New Wave Dance
• Year : 0
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Album Info


"Four Jacks and a Jill were South Africa's entry into the late-'60s folk-rock scene, and their American debut contains three international hits: "Timothy," "Master Jack," and "Mister Nico." "Timothy" wasn't even released in the U.S. when it became the group's first international hit in 1967, but the enigmatic folk-rock gem "Master Jack" -- written, vaguely, from the standpoint of a miner addressing his boss -- gave the group a Top 20 hit in the States and became the song most closely associated with the group. "Mister Nico" is an obvious attempt to repeat the formula of "Master Jack" (all of the group's U.S. hits, in fact, have the words "mister" or "master" in their titles), and "I Looked Back" is derived from the mid-'50s country hit "Looking Back to See." Although the harmony-laden folk-rock is the most appealing of several styles they attempt on Master Jack, their first American album, there is also a little Africana ("Hamba Liliwam") and outright rock ("Penny Paper"). Their childlike aura sometimes resulted in excessively cute songs like "Fifi the Flea" and "La La Song," but when they got it right -- as they did on their major hits -- Four Jacks and a Jill made a unique contribution to the musical kaleidoscope of the late '60s." (AMG review)

Basic information:
Origin: alt
Language: English
Runtime: 74:39
Genre: Sunshine Pop/Folk
CD reissue: ??
Quality: 192 Kbps
Official website: NA


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The album code is : ODI152135

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