Wild Geese MP3/Flac

Live in Rome 1979

The 1974 created Irish revival band Wild Geese occurred qualitatively very different phases. As one of the most in demand formations at the German Folk market they flared between fastidious instrumental folk and the usual angloirischen Rabaukenliedern, which heard a public inspired by the Dubliners so gladly. Initial members were Peadar Г“ hUallaigh (flat steel bar, t-wh, concertina, voc) from Sligo, Norman King (bodhrГЎn, voc) from Dublin, Tony Small (g, voc) from Galway and Steve power (f, bj, mandolin, g). Historicalconsciously and with the shot Rebel Spirit, which one (particularly at the continent) expected of Irish, designated themselves it after the 34,000 Irish patriots, which went to the defeat against the Englishmen 1691 at the Boyne River into the exile. After power 1978 left the volume, Mick Ryan (f, mandolin) from Edenderry and the Uilleann Piper Eoin Г“ Duignean from Dundrum entered. With their last occupation and one of the best albums of the Irish Folkgeschichte (in Full Flight) Geese their artistic high point reached the game. Beside original occupation were Mick Fitzgerald (g, voc) as well as two recent rising talents of the scene, Donal Lunnys brother MГЎnus Lunny (bouzouki, g, voc) and Gerry O В’ Connor (f, bj) been added. The two latter ones contributed their self-willed instrument valley compositions, MГЎnus sang in the Duett with guest MГЎirГ©ad NГ­ Mhaonaigh (later front woman von Altan) the melancholy song BrГ­d Г“g NГ­ MhГЎille, M. Fitzgerald shone with a outstanding arranged version of a Hungarian Ballade (Anathea), collected by Bela BartГіk, and N. King decided the album with its schrulligen song over its friendship with a Londoner rat.

Eoin o Duigneain - Uillean Pipes, Tin Whistle
Mick Ryan - Fiddle, Mandolin
Peadar O hUallaigh - Flute, Tin Whistle, Concertina, Vocals
Norman King - Bodhran, Vocals
Tony Small - Guitar, Vocals

01. Intro
02. 1St Of May
03. Hills Of Connemara
04. The Windy Hills Of Litchum
05. Intro
06. Farewell To Nova Scotia
07. Jigs And Reels
08. As I Roved Out
09. Manaham Jig
10. Jimmy Clay
11. I've Buried My Wife
12. The Marrow Bones
13. Lilting
14. I'll Tell My Mother
15. Polkas
16. The Galway Rebel Boys
17. Intro
18. Lullaby
19. Lip Music
20. Slow Air
21. Intro
22. The Maid Of The Sweet Brown
23. The Foggy Dew; Jigs; Reel
24. Intro
25. Encore