ROVO-PICO!, CD, 1998, JAPAN MP3/Flac

After a few other posts of material by this head-spinning Japanese outfit, here's their hard to find 1998 debut. Led by Boredoms guitarist Seiichi Yamamoto and violinist Yuji Katsui (Bondage Fruit, Tairikoutoko Vs. Sanmyakuonna, Omoide Haotoba...many others), and heavily lacquered with an endless supply of kosmiche gloop by keyboardist Tatsuki Masuko (Otomo Yoshide's New Jazz Ensemble, ASLN) this hits the ground running in a thresher of effects shattered rhythms and glazed electronics and slowly introduces the rest of Rovo's patented M.O., with ectoplasmic slurry, space rockin' frenzy and funky groovulation all morphed into one turbo charged vehicle.

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