tunde williams plays with africa 70-mr big mouth MP3/Flac

Hey fellas!!
Did you love the previous fela production?? Here is the second one i was talking about, and for sure this is gonna blow your mind if the baba ani's "low profile" didn't blow it already!!
Tunde Williams is a talented trompettist, who played with fela since the koola lobito's era until the africa 70 organization has split in the late 70's, and he is still playing his instrument virtuously as you can see him blowing his horn around 4'30" on this wiiiiicked videoclip where he performs with Antibalas... you can also find further informations about him or buy the complete lp for a quite affordable price on website.
Let's enjoy the power of the mighty afrobeat sounds, and if you have a mouth big enough for it, leave some comments!!