new cool collective feat. tony allen-trippin' MP3/Flac


I was talking to you about something good cookin' in my kitchen, so now it's well cooked, here is the musical meal of today!!

Leaded by the multi-instrumentist Benjamin Herman (his biography says he can play flatulences as well as horns!! damn!!!) the new cool collective is a modern jazz band coming straight from netherlands, and altough they play a very groovy jazz/funk they mix it successfully with a latin-afro-electro-reggae flavoured style, and as you can hear on the whole lp (on second part the drum-master Tony Allen takes control of the sticks instead of the usual and talented drummer Joost Kroon) they can play all styles with an equal mastery.

Founded in 1994 the band has now an impressive discography, and i invite you to have a look at their very good site if you want to know more about them, and to visit the to buy some of their releases.

Let's enjoy the music, and please hit me with replies if you loved this stuff!!