aleke kanonu-aleke MP3/Flac


This is an obscure lp from an obscure nigerian singer (aleke kanonu, he has also played on stanley cowell's "regeneration" lp), there's not many informations on the web about it, and it appears from times to times on the blogosphere (i first saw it here about one year ago).

It is a true shame because the groove is really solid and some of the musicians playing there are true jazz/funk legends (drummer , guitarist george davis or even the great and many many more....) at their best!!
Only 4 tracks, but they are all killers, some groovy ones like "n'gwode" and "keep new york clean" (listen to this heavy bassline!!! the drums!! the horns!! woooow!!) or the incredible "home sweet home" with a fantastic flugelhorn solo by wynton marsalis, and the more african-jazz/spoken-word oriented tune "mother's day" with a very nice piano part on it.

anyway this lost gemm is now avalaible for the san pasquale followers in a 320kbps mp3 quality, i hope you will enjoy this stuff and that you will not forget to leave some comments!!