1. Love Missile F1-11 3'48
(Cohete Robot De Amor F1-11)
2. Hack Attack 3'51
(Ataque De Tos)
3. 21 St Century Boy 3'33
(Chico Del Siglo XXI)
4. Buy EMI 3'52
(Compra La EMI)
Sigue Sigue Sputnik are a British new wave band led by former Generation X bassist Tony James. The band achieved moderate fame in 1986, when they achieved 3 UK top 40 hits including the song "Love Missile F1-11", which hit the pop charts around the world, helped by its use in the cult-hit movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

The themes and imagery in the band's songs were often influenced by futuristic, dystopian or post-apocalyptic films such as A Clockwork Orange, The Terminator, Blade Runner and the Mad Max trilogy. The band's music and image also mashed together a range of other pop culture influences, including the electronica/Krautrock influences of Kraftwerk, Marc Bolan's T-Rex, and the swagger and sex appeal of Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley and glam rock.
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