Ain't No Bugs On Me MP3/Flac


Mr Meadowlark provides a great Rural Rhythm Lp from the legendary J E Mainer.

01 Stern Old Bachelor
02 Last Night When Willie Came Home
03 Ain't No Bugs On Me
04 Everybody Works But Father
05 Good Old Bowling Green
06 Tell 'em Lies and Feed 'em Candy
07 I've Still Got 99
08 Katie Dear
09 George Collins
10 Who Broke The Lock
11 Cookin' In The Kitchen
12 Baldheaded End of the Broom
13 Walkin' In My Sleep
14 Cross-Eyed Butcher
15 Did You Ever See The Devil
16 Carve That Possum
17 Rabbit In The Log
18 Loving Henry Lee
19 Old Dan Tucker
20 Eatin' Up The Gravy
21 The Gospel Way

Track 21 is missing from Mr Meadowlarks recording. Our Favorite Uncle (Uncle Gil) has graciously supplied the missing track here