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If you object to any material or feel that your material is being used without permission contact me. This blog is about long out of print music by artists or some of their work that has been forgotten. We are not a free music service and we will not do requests. The information provided is for research, for remembering a time that has past and the music that surrounded that time. This is not a for profit service and do not accept any money for what is being done. We do not put out audiophile quality music. Most of the music here has not seen the light of day in over thirty years and most even longer. Most artists have been forgotten by the people in Nashville and the music business in general except if they can find away to profit off it while sticking the middle finger to the original artists and writers.

While the events of the last 48 hours have been unfortunate and after talking to long time followers of the blog, I have decided not to go private. I appreciate the support given by those of you who have contacted me. Thanks

Your Pal