Syl Johnson x3 MP3/Flac

All can be found . Enjoy!

altIs It Because I'm Black? (1970)
  1. Is It Because I'm Black
  2. Come Together
  3. Together, Forever
  4. Concrete Reservation
  5. Black Balloons
  6. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
  7. I'm Talkin' 'Bout Freedom
  8. Right On

Diamond In The Rough (1974) alt

  1. Let Yourself Go
  2. Don't Do It
  3. I Want to Take You Home (To See Mama)
  4. Could I Be Falling in Love
  5. Stuck in Chicago
  6. Diamond in the Rough
  7. Keeping Down Confusion
  8. Please, Don't Give Up on Me
  9. Music to My Ears
  10. I Hear the Love Chimes

Back For A Taste Of Your Love (1973)
Courtesy of Jigsaw of Dustmightz. Thanks, brother!

  1. Back for a Taste of Your Love
  2. I'm Yours
  3. I Let a Good Girl Go
  4. Any Way the Wind Blows
  5. You Don't Know Me
  6. Feelin' Frisky
  7. We Did It
  8. Wind, Blow Her Back My Way
  9. I Hate I Walked Away
  10. Love You Left Behind