D.O. Misiani and Shirati Jazz - My life and loves,Discafrique International 1988 MP3/Flac


In today's post we visit an African country we haven't seen

much at the GG. One LP by Abana Ba Nasery some time

ago but this is 'Benga'. D.O. Misiani is one of the pioneers

who transferred the old acoustic style to electric and

added bass and drum to it. The benga hype started late 60's and went

on all through the 70's. A benga lover once said;" Benga is a feeling you

get when dancing. Your body has weakened when you dance, because you

are happy. It is not weak because you are tired, but because you are dancing

the best you can." 'My life and loves' is the name of this LP and features

10 dynamite tracks by the master, dance away on Misiani's benga !


1 Sweetie I love you

2 Sister Mary Lucy

3 Susana Wacha Maringo

4 Helen Nya Kisungu

5 Lala Salama

6 J. Rabour Bade Dongo

7 J. Rabour Bade Dongo part 2

8 Tafadhali Nikuone

9 Tafadhali Nikuone part 2

10 Amuka Salama