Canciones mi mama no me enseno - Various Artists,Barbaro MP3/Flac


It must be at least ten years ago when one of my friends gave me a copy

of another album with the same title and the same artists. I guess it was

volume two, we didn't have the original cover. These albums contain 12

naughty songs each, songs my mother never taught me. Very funny

LP's with not only hilarious lirycs but also great music, enjoy.


1 Miguelito Valdes - Cubanito

2 Joe Cuba Sextet - Prestame la olla Teresa

3 Graciela & Miguelito Valdes - Juanita saca la mano

4 Graciela & Machito - Si si no no

5 Joe Cuba Sextet - Chupa

6 Graciela with Machito Orchestra - Juanito

7 Tito Puente Orchestra - El plato roto

8 Graciela & Miguelito Valdes - La manguera

9 Joe Cuba Sextet - Los perros del curro

10 Graciela with Machito Orchestra - Ay, JosГ©

11 Miguelito Valdes - Atesa el bastidor

12 Joe Cuba Sextet - Ella sola se engancha