Le Grand MaГ®tre Franco avec Ntesa Dalienst etle T.P.O.K. Jazz, ASM 1987 MP3/Flac


Only very few artists can hold your attention like this one.

Le Grand Maitre Franco made about 200 LP's and I haven't heard

a bad one. Of course I did not hear all of them but keep trying to

get there. Untill today the score runs around 40 or 50, and I hope to

find as many as possible in the future. This one, ASM 002 from a

Belgium company is with singer/composer Ntesa Dalienst who

wrote numerous songs for and with the T.P.O.K. Jazz.


1 Mamie Zou

2 Batandeli ngai mitambo

3 Dodo

4 Na lobi na ngai rien