l'Afrique Danse No. 4, Le Seigneur Rochereauet l'Orchestre African Fiesta National, "le Peuple"african 360.004, 1969 MP3/Flac



Today is my best friend's birthday, Sjakie made eleven years and

that makes me happy. Only two years ago he had a hugh abscess

on his shoulder and got operated. He recovered wonderwell and is still

doing great today, happy birthday buddy, you're the best.

With such a happy day comes happy music. Le Seigneur Rochereau

is still one of Congo's greatest singers to my opinion. This is african

360.004, and also No 4 in the l'Afrique Danse series. Le Seigneur

Rochereau and l'Orchestre African Fiesta National "le Peuple".

Sweet Congolese music from the late sixties.


1 Mokrano

2 Gipsy

3 Kashama nkoy

4 Caroline mama

5 Toyota

6 Kasala

7 Mon mari est capable

8 Bel Abidjan