CDE Chinx - Ngorimba,ZMC Production MP3/Flac


Liberation war singer CDE Chinx is committed to revolutionary

music. His music is based on battlesongs, and deal about patriotism,

discipline and anti-imperialism. It's been censored a lot and it's said that

either you love it or you hate it. To me it's quite difficult to determine,

the shona language is impossible to understand so I just judge it by

it's musical value. Mellow mbira sound, jit, shona, chimurenga ?

I am still learning here but I kinda like it, cool and easy Zimbabwe beat.


1 Ngorimba

2 Zuva guru

3 Mose garirayi

4 Dzefunde

5 Pasi wempadagu

6 Hazvitenderwi

7 Dzikai mutemo