Admiral Dele Abiodun & his Top Hitters Band Super 6 -Adawa King, Olumo 1977 MP3/Flac



Are you into politics ? I am trying not to be but at the

moment there's quite some turbulence in the Dutch

political situation. Leaders of party's come and go and

major changes take place. There will be elections in june

and the papers are full of speculations and predictions.

Personally I am very happy with a fresh new wind blowing

in The Hague in the future, the old one brought us nothing

but shame. I welcome the former mayor of Amsterdam,

Job Cohen, to the political stage, the best of luck to him.

How was the political situation in Nigeria in the 70's ?

I found us Adawa King, Admiral Dele Abiodun, on a 1977

Nigerian juju album. He can tell us some stories,

listen well. His style's called adawa, a mixture of juju

and Afro-beat with highlife elements. Both sides of the LP

start quite noisy but during the number it gets a lot better.


1 Ile ola

- Adupe lodo baba wa

- Bobo Doherty ( mama Koko )

- Oke ibadan prestige circle

2 Tewe tagba

- Ma se wa bi ko se wun wa

- Ore mi ko mi lofo kan

- Ma ta omi si mi lara

- Abiodun okunuga