Guillermo Portabales y sus Guitarras -Viva Portabales, Gema 1976 MP3/Flac


Now this is something really good. Guillermo Portabales is

a hero. I love his bright and dynamic music, Guillermo's

guitarstrokes are so firm and sparkling, nothing can compare.

Where do you find such guitarist with such a voice ?

Absolute fantastic collection of his songs. I can even cope

with his version of Guantanamera, a song I use to avoid

like a toothache. One of Cuban's biggest.


1 Cumbiamba

2 De 1920

3 A la orilla del cauto

4 Nostalgia guajira

5 Asi es mi guajira

6 Tristeza guajira

7 Oye mi son

8 Guantanamera

9 Junto al rio

10 El arroyo que murmura

11 Cuando sali de Cuba

12 Yo te canto Puerto Rico