Wishful Thinking - Hiroshima (1971) MP3/Flac

altalt• Hiroshima - A schmaltzy interpretation about a bitter subject. Once I wanted to be a do-gooder but they just beat me to it.
• This Time Tomorrow - Nice pop-song, nothing more and nothing less.
• She Belongs To The Night - Recently compiled on Fairytales Can Come True Vol. 5. I think my mother would like it (Hey! Don't say nothing against my mum! She's 81!).
• Mary Goodbye - That's a good one. Sounds like late '60s pop-sike (Toby Twirl, World Of Oz ect.).
• Ever Since I Can Remember - A ballad (as far as I can remember).
• We're Gonna Change All This - A good pick for Mr. Toytown Vol. 4. Not my cup of tea.

• Now - Started with a folk guitar and turns into a late sixties style ballad with harmony vocals. Three years to late but who cares about that in 2010? I like it.
• United States Of Europe '79 - Pop-Rock, not what I regularly hear but the chorus is great.
• I Wrote A Song - Not that I would even be remotely interested.
• 1984 - If we're talking about Psychedelic music, then this is their magnum opus. Unusual for this album but perhaps the best song they've ever made. Compiled on Psychedelic Pstones Vol. 4.
• Goodbye Lover - I think my father would like it (Hey! Don't say nothing against my dad! He's 82!)

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There's also a website with more info: The Official German Wishful Thinking Site